Whether you are setting up a student desk in a dorm room or organizing office projects StarBoxes decorative Bulletin Boards will spice up your décor and organize your workspace at the same time. Why use any old bulletin board when today's cork boards can fit into any decorating theme. The memo boards come in a variety of colors including blue, pink, orange, green, red and other color choices.

Why Use A Bulletin Board?

Bulletin boards can be used as a memo board to leave important messages to co-workers, dorm roommates, condo informational board, community meeting notices, or school messages. There are plenty of reasons people want to post messages or memorandums for important callbacks or meeting notices. Organizing the messages on a bright central location is key to getting noticed and important messages getting lost in the clutter. Organizing information is key to the use of a bulletin board.

How To Choose The Right Type Bulletin Board

StarBoxes has several sizes and different styles when choosing the right type of bulletin board. First measure your area where you would like to post your memo board. Then decide the way you intend to organize your information. StarBoxes has a memo board to pin or stick post-it notes, index cards, photos, or calendar type information. The other type of memo board has the stick it information on half the board and a dry erase board on the other side for grocery lists, meeting information, and other coordinating activities like kids athletic dates and sports field information.

Why Choose StarBoxes Cheap Decorative Bulletin Boards?

When comparing cheap decorative bulletin boards StarBoxes informational boards are a leading choice. They have color coordinating room colors, easy to attach to the wall, durable, and some of their bulletin memo boards provide more than one function. Cleaning up paper clutter is always in style and a time saver when you have a central information center. No more missing Dr. Appointments, children's school activities, or class schedules. Spice up any room whether at the office or home command center.

How To Organize A Memo Board For School

Start by adding a school calendar with a stick pin to attach. Add special project due dates, sporting event games, and any other special date reminder. Leave messages for roommates and post any new phone numbers, important class information, banking, and other reminders for when you have time to organize in your electronic calendar. Instead of having post-it notes all over your student desk use the memo board to organize your notes until you have time to enter in your electronic schedules, files, or paper notebook.