Shipping Bags for your CBD Products

CBD products are offered in many forms and packaging choices. There are CBD edible packaging for chocolates, vitamin gummies, liquids and candies. The drinks infused with CBD and other products such as hemp protein powders and hemp seed packaged in glass jars with plastic lids, bottles, resealable bags or bubble pouches. Whatever your CBD package choice StarBoxes has a full line of CBD packaging supplies in stock for same day shipment.  Whether your company is a distributor shipping to businesses, or direct to a consumers, finding the right packaging to safeguard your shipment of CBD products is a click away in

With ever-increasing shipping costs, it is imperative to choose the correct CBD packaging size for each product.  The lightweight yet sturdy CBD packaging solutions offered by StarBoxes will allow for your business to improve the bottom-line by lowering the weight of packages while reducing the risk of damages during transit.

CBD Protective Storage Bags and Shipping Envelopes

StarBoxes offers a large selection of various bubble pouches, resealable bags, poly shipping bags, and kraft bubble shipping bags ideal for packaging and shipping of CBD products. For an extra layer of protection consider using sealable bubble pouches inside of shipping bags. The addition of a "fragile" stamp with red ink will alert the carriers to identify and take extra caution when handling the fragile CBD packaged goods.

Shipping Boxes For CBD products

StarBoxes stocks many different size boxes at volume discounted prices including corrugated boxes, multi-depth boxes, cube boxes, flat boxes, and long boxes when shipping CBD products to your distributors or stores. When choosing boxes for your business measure the products being packaged and compare prices on different types of packaging. If you frequently have different measured goods the multi-depth boxes is the solution that will save money for different size packed goods.

Types of CBD Packaging Materials For Safe Delivery Of Product

When shipping CBD products in glass or plastic containers it is important to have the proper packaging materials to protect the goods during the transit. First determine if you are using a bubble shipping bag or boxes for shipping your CBD products. If using corrugated boxes you may want to utilize inserts to separate your product or the use of bubble cushion or newsprint packing papers may be the solution to keep your products secure while maintaining the lightweight of the packaging for lower shipping costs.

When using shipping bags to mail CBD products, it is important to wrap and secure the product before placing in the CBD shipping bag. The use of bubble pouches or newsprint provides a protective barrier around the items and secures them in the CBD shipping bag. CBD packaging becomes economical when buying in volume will result in measurable discounts for your CBD manufacturing facility or CBD store.

Branded CBD Shipping Supplies Options

To brand your CBD boxes or shipping bags consider an economical logo sticker, rubber stamp logo, packing tapes, or color carton sealing tapes. StarBoxes is a one-stop shop offering a full line of carton sealing tapes in the following colors: Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Black, White, yellow, and red. StarBoxes custom logo carton sealing tapes is also available for companies who prefer to promote their branding on shipping boxes. Advertise the logo, website, URL, and phone number for your business on the boxes.