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Foam Wrap 320' x 24" wide 1/16 Thick

  • Premium foam wrap that's 320' x 24" wide and has a 1/16 thick cushioning
  • Foam wrap with perforated sheets per foot to remove the reliance on cutting tools  when tearing packaging items
  • Cushioned foam roll manufactured out of  polyethylene so the strong foam wrap enables both protection and pliability
  • Rolls of foam popular for protecting fragile items such as ceramics glassware, dishes, and porcelain products while in transit 
  • Foam sheets that are a quality cushioning method as it minimizes impact, wreckage, and vibration on products when shipped
  • Foam Wrap 320' x 24" wide 1/16 Thick- Wholesale Prices
  • Protect fragile items with packing foam between items or wrapped around the item
  • Easy perforated sheets to shape around the item being packed or shipped
  • May be reused for other shipments or storage of packed goods
  • Foam provides a cushioning feature to handle shocks and vibrations during shipment
More Information
SKU FOAM11622524
UPC 766897401718
Brand StarBoxes
Weight 5.0000
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Color White
Size 320'x24"
Material Foam
Foam Wrap Roll with size 225' x 24", wide 1/16 thick. The best option for you to protect your most valuable goods during storage and transportation.
StarBoxes Foam Roll is made with a lightweight material that makes it easier to wrapping items and filling empty spaces inside boxes.
Keep your items in good conditions by minimizing vibrations and shocks during transportation.
Foam packaging allows you to wrap lightweight and heavy items. You can create your own pouches to keep items more secure.
Perfect for protecting your floors, furnitures and walls during a home renovation. Keeps them safe from scratches, cracks, paint, dirt, etc.
Single Boxes 18 x 18 x 24