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Small Bubble 700' x 48" Wide 3/16" Wrap

4 Rolls 175' Each


48" Wide x 700' Small Bubble Rolls - Small 3/16" size Bubbles Perf 12"

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SKU BUBSM0480700
UPC 766897401749
Weight 25.0000
Brand StarBoxes
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear
Small Bubble Roll size 700' X 48", Wide 3/16" Wrap. Manufacture in the United States and made of polyethylene material
Elastic transparent material that cushions your most fragile and sensitive items during transportation at a low shipping cost with air filled product
Design to secure fragile object and the most oddly- shaped ones like picture frames, artwork, household pipes, decorations, and home decor. Easy to handle and identify content
Made of an elastic and strong material that is durable, reusable, good insulator, multiple task and light weight. Ideal for storage, shipping, artwork, household task and house remodeling projects
Protective wrapping material that helps prevent surface damage of your belongings during transit. Ideal for shipping, commercial and packaging industries
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes N/A