Pink AntiStatic Bubble Small 3/16" - 350' Roll x 12" Wide

  • Anti-Static Pink Small Bubble Roll 3/16" Wide (2 Rolls)
  • 12" wide x 175' long perforated every 12" for ease of wrapping
  • Prevent electrostatic discharge while packing electronics and parts for shipping
  • Small 3/16" pink bubble may be wrapped around items several times for superior protection
  • Tape ends of the anti-static bubble to keep ends secured while shipping or storage

Anti Static Bubble Roll Protects Fragile Electronics

Anti-static bubble roll is designed to protect fragile electronics and components against electrostatic discharge during storage or shipment. This popular packaging choice is perfect for packaging all types of products regardless of their size and shape. Bubble roll is available in a wide range of sizes and varieties, among them we have regular bubble roll and anti-static bubble roll. Even though both of these types of bubble roll are designed to protect items they can be used for different purposes. StarBoxes anti-static bubble roll is a perfect choice for you to keep your most valuable items protected and secured from damage during transit. Read on to learn more about anti-static bubble roll, what makes it different from regular bubble roll, and its multiple benefits.

Anti-Static Bubble Roll VS Regular Bubble Roll

You may wonder what makes anti-static bubble roll different from regular bubble roll. The truth is that they are ideal for protecting fragile items against shocks and vibrations during transportation. But what makes anti-static bubble roll different is that it is designed to protect electronics from static discharges during storage or transportation. This way you can also keep your items safe from static electricity. You can identify an anti-static bubble roll from a regular bubble roll because of its pink color

Anti-Static Bubble Roll Shipping Benefits

One of the main benefits of this packaging material is that it is lightweight. This means that it won’t add much weight to your package. This way you can save money on shipping costs and avoid product damage at the same time. With an anti-static bubble roll, you will keep your items protected from damage and prevent static discharge on your electronic devices at the same time. The best part about this packaging material is that it can be used for a wide range of applications in your home, office, and business. Allow yourself to pack your products most conveniently and affordably with an anti-static bubble roll.

Pink Antistatic Bubble Small 3/16" Wholesale prices

StarBoxes pink antistatic bubble roll 3/16" - 350' Roll X 12" Wide is sold in bulk at wholesale prices. This means that you will save money on bulk packaging for shipping storing products. This bubble roll comes perforated every 12" for easy tearing when you are wrapping up your products. Keep your valuable products and electronics protected from damage while they are on the road practically and economically.


More Information
UPC 810106512075
Weight 5.000000
Material Polyethylene
Color Pink
Anti- static pink small bubble roll size 3/16" (2 Rolls), 12" wide X 175' long, perforated every 12". Provides protection to your most valuable items during shipping or storage.
Wrap electronics in anti-static bubble to protect from a electrostatic discharge that could ruin your electronics.
Protect your items from surface damage caused by any vibration or shock during transport.
Made of polyethylene material that is resistant to moisture and can be used for crafts or lining refrigerator vegetable drawers.
Perfect for wrapping items, filling empty spaces in boxes, artwork, shipping packages and household task.
Features / Information Pink Color, Anti-Static, Good for electronics, Perforated every 12", Protective and Lightweight
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 350.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.187500
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