Bubble Out Bag 15" x 17.5" Pack of 25

  • 25 Bubble Out Bags, Interior Dimensions 15" x 17.5", Exterior Dimensions 16" x 18"
  • Bubble pouches are the best way to protect products from scrapes, vibration, and shock related to transit
  • Translucent 3/16" bubble mailing bag that's puncture resistance for additional strength and durability
  • Bubble out bags with good clarity, superior air retention that retails at an economical cost
  • Flexible and lightweight bubble pouches that occupy minimal storage space in your warehouse


Deliver Products Safely In Bubble Out Bags

When you are shipping out your packages you want to ensure that your products are packed properly so you can avoid product damage This can result in unhappy customers and refunds. StarBoxes bubble out bags is a packaging material that can help ensure the safety of your products during transportation or storage.  As a business owner, you are probably wondering why is important to choose the correct packaging material for your products and how can bubble out bags improve your shipping process. Read further to continue learning more about StarBoxes bubble bags and their many benefits.

Bubble Cushioning Bags Are Flexible And Protect Goods

Bubble out bags are a flexible packaging material that can be used for multiple purposes in your home, office, and warehouse.  Designed with air-filled bubbles that provide superior protection against bumps and vibrations during transportation.  Not only they provide excellent protection, but they also help reduce the use of extra packaging materials when you are packaging your products.  These water-proof bubble bags are ideal for keeping your products free from dirt, dust, and even water damage during long-term storage.

Bubble Bags Improve Your Packaging Process

StarBoxes bubble bags come with a self-sealing strip that makes it easy for you to secure your products. Packing your products with these mailer bags can help improve your packaging process since they are practical and easy to use.  These bubble airbags are ideal for packaging your fragile items including wine bottles, glassware, antiques, artwork, and much more. As you can see these bubble bags are flexible enough for you to pack different types of objects that require additional care during shipment.

Top Benefits of Bubble Bags

Another benefit of these bubble bags is that they are light in weight and small for you to store anywhere in your warehouse.  These packaging bags won’t take up too much space in your workstation compared to corrugated boxes.  Since they are lightweight you can easily carry them around and even pack them in shipping boxes for better protection of your package.

In conclusion, bubble bags can be an excellent option for you to keep your products properly packed and secure from damage during transportation. Using bubble bags can help save money and time on your packaging process.  

More Information
SKU BOB815175025
UPC 810106515588
Weight 1.200000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Size 15" x 17.5"
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Features / Information Strong polyethylene material, Secure adhesive seal, Protect small fragile Items, Lightweight, Clear view
Mailer Type Bubble Bag
UOFFICE Bubble out bags with interior dimensions 15" x 17.5" #8 & exterior dimensions 16" x 18", 3/16" bubble exterior.
Pack of 25 Self-sealing bubble mailing bags. See through clear air bags that are ready to be used for multiple functions.
Self-sealing closure that ensures items stay in the bag and keeps them safe from damage.
A good choice for shipping and storing items. You can use it for all types of irregular shaped items.
Lightweight material that is easy to store and does not add weight to packages.
Product Length 17.500000
Product Width 15.000000
Product Height 0.000000
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