Kraft Bubble Mailer 14.25" x 20" #7 - Pack of 800

  • Large Wholesale Kraft Bubble Mailers 800 pack have Inside Dimensions: 14.25"x19"
  • Each envelope has an Outside Dimensions: 14.25"x20"
  • 52# Kraft paper with 1/8” or 3/16” - 2 layers bubble interior for cushioning items during shipment
  • Possible .5" +/- variance on the sizing.  Kraft paper weight 110 GSM.
  • Permanent adhesive peel & seal with the color white with red/black print. Tape width 0.75” and lip width 1.57”.


Everything You Need To Know About Kraft Bubble Mailers

Kraft bubble mailers can become an excellent option for protecting your products during shipment or storage.  This type of packaging material can be easy to use when it comes to packaging or shipping out your products.  StarBoxes kraft bubble mailers are available in different sizes for you to choose from according to your needs. Want to learn more about kraft bubble mailers and how they can benefit you?

What Are Kraft Bubble Mailers?

Kraft bubble envelopes can be used as a protective material for commercial and industrial applications.  They are designed with interior bubble cushioning providing your products that additional protection and stability it requires during long-distance shipments.  The bubble mailers are ideal for packaging non-fragile and small items like automotive parts, electronic devices, toys, books, and other products.  Kraft bubble mailers won’t take up too much space in your warehouse and can be easily sealed compared to other packaging materials like shipping boxes.

The Benefits Of Using Kraft Bubble Mailers

  • Lightweight - Kraft bubble mailers are light in weight, which makes them easy to use and carry when you are packing your products.  Another benefit is that it can help save money on your freight cost.
  • Self-sealing closure - They come with a strong self-sealing closure that can’t be opened easily and keep your products secure inside. It can be easily sealed and won’t require extra packaging material like corrugated boxes.
  • Bubble cushioning protection-   Its interior bubble cushioning  can provide your products some protection against damage during shipment or storage
  • Small and easy to store  - You can store envelopes flat in almost any part of your warehouse.  You can store them in offices, desk, or other organized work areas
  • Easy to personalize - These golden kraft paper bubble mailers are easy to write on, labeled, or even stamp print on. You can personalize with stickers, stamps, logos, images, and taglines.
  • Effective packaging material - Kraft bubble mailers have become a popular packaging material and are mainly used in the commercial, industrial, and e-commerce industries.
More Information
SKU KBM714520800
UPC 810042156784
Weight 120.000000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Size 14.25" x 20"
Color Brown
Product Type Kraft Bubble Mailer
Material Wood Pulp / Polyethylene
Features / Highlights Tamper evident seal, Lightweight, Durable, #52lb Kraft Paper, Lined with Bubble, Cost-effective shipping, Various sizes and qty available
Mailer Type Kraft Bubble Mailer
Golden Kraft Paper 52# with bubble cushioning interior 14.5" x 20" #7 - Pack of 800
Stays flat on the shelf until shipping time and can form to accommodate odd-shaped items
Manufactured of strong materials to resist punctures and weather elements during transit
Reasonable shipping costs with lightweight materials and self-stick closure for cost effective business shipping
Easy to assemble with peel-n-stick address labels and stamps to quicken the shipping process
Product Length 20.000000
Product Width 14.500000
Product Height 0.400000
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