Bubble Out Bag 7" x 11.5" #4 Pack of 100

  • Pack of 100 self-seal bubble pouches, Interior Dimensions 7" x 11.5", Exterior Dimensions 7" x 12"
  • Use multipurpose bubble out bags to reliably cushion and safeguard your items thought the transit cycle
  • Choose from a variety of sizes and quantity packs of shock-absorbing bubble bags to safely ship merchandise 
  • Pouches with smooth inner walls and 3/16” outer bubbles that meet FDA requirements for food contact
  • Bubble out bags will keep your products isolated from filth and moisture between the two layers of polyethylene
  • Prepare items ahead of time for shipping with clear-view packaging that prevents shifting in transit 
100 % of 100


BUBBLE OUT BAGS 7" X 11.5" #4 PACK OF 100

Bubble out bags have become a popular packaging material in the packaging industry. They provide excellent protection to shipping goods while in transit.  These bubble out bags come with air-filled bubbles that provide cushioning properties for your fragile products. You can use the pouches to make your shipping or storage process simple and economical.  You can use the bags for securing your delicate and lightweight products to provide better protection for your packages. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about bubble pouches and how they can benefit your business.

 Bubble Pouches are An Excellent Alternative For Shipping Products

Starboxes bubble pouches can be an excellent alternative for shipping a variety of products like small electronics, figurines, and glass.  These bubble bags come with a self-adhesive closure that makes it quick and easy for you to pack your products in the bag with no need of using tape. They are very useful for you to protect your fragile products inside your shipping boxes. The bubble pouches come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. You can use them for your business to store, pack, and ship out your products. Here we will provide you with some of the features that our bubble bags have.

Moisture resistant

These bubble out bags are made of polyethylene material that helps keep moisture, bacteria, and dust away from your product when you are storing or packing them. You can use them for shipping packages under extreme weather temperatures since they won’t get damaged like boxes or regular envelopes do.

Adhesive self-sealing closure

Bubble out bags has a self-sealing closure that helps facilitate the closure of your packages. Save money on both additional materials and labor. Keep products safe with tamper-resistant closure.

Prevent product damage

Starboxes bubble bags come with small 3/16" bubble cushioning that helps prevent product damage that can occur to heavy impacts, vibrations, or shocks. Items such as fragile Christmas bulbs may be stored in individual pouches and then stored in holiday ornament containers for safekeeping. Or you can ship plant bulbs in protective pouches. There are many products that can be protected or prepared for shipping.


These bubble pouches are light in weight that can help you save money on purchasing extra packaging material. They can also help you reduce the cost of freight along with product damage and returns.

Faster Packing And Shipping Process

Another benefit is that it can help make your packing and shipping process faster and easier since they are easy to pack,label, and ship.

More Information
SKU BOB407115100
UPC 810106515458
Weight 2.500000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Size 7" x 11.5"
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Features / Information Strong polyethylene material, Secure adhesive seal, Protect small fragile Items, Lightweight, Clear view
Mailer Type Bubble Bag
Pack watches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in clear see through pouches to easily identify contents
Sort teas, herbs, and spice products and label with stickers for a custom packaging solution
Package dried fruit and nuts to sell at craft shows and farmers market along with a variety of other products requiring protection
Use bubble out bags for foraging in the forest, packing bulbs, and storing seeds for the winter months
Place ice packs in bubble out bags for sports injuries or use for protecting handmade skincare products
Product Length 11.500000
Product Width 7.000000
Product Height 0.000000
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