Bubble Out Bag 15" x 17.5" Pack of 200

  • Self-sealing Bubble Shippers 15" x 17.5" - Pack of 200 with wholesale pricing available 
  • Bubble cushioning that's the perfect solution for fragile items in need of protection when transported
  • Peel and seal pouches to secure objects within its tamper-proof design that is formed to be tear-resistant
  • Pouches manufactured to have a 3/16" bubbled outer face tough enough to withstand the pressures of shipping 
  • Made in the USA out of puncture-resistant recyclable polyethylene materials to lower ecological repercussions 


Bubble Pouches In The E-commerce Industry

Bubble out bags is best-known due to their excellent protection for fragile items during shipment and storage. This packaging material is ideal for securing breakable items against cracks, scratches, and breakage that can occur during movement. It is commonly used in the e-commerce industry when it comes to protecting shipping products. If you are a business that wants to pack your products and ensure their safety until their final destination then give bubble bags a try. Discover some of the benefits that this packaging bag has for protecting your shipping goods.

Benefits and Features of Bubble Bags

Cushioning protection

These plastic bags are covered with air-filled bubbles that keep fragile items protected against shocks and vibrations. They are ideal for packaging sensitive items in shipping boxes since they can provide the additional care that it requires during movement. Not only you will protect your products against external impacts but you will also keep them clean from dirt and dust.

Practical to use

Bubble pouches are a practical packaging material that can help you have a safe and quick packaging process. They will help you ease your packaging process and reduce packaging waste since it doesn’t require tape or scissors. These self-adhesive bags make it easy for you to keep your products secure inside. Ensure a quick closure of your products and ship your packages with confidence.

Lightweight and Small

Another great benefit about bubble pouches is that they can easily be stored in your warehouse. Save money on shipping costs since they won’t add weight to your shipping boxes with their lightweight feature. Bubble pouches are ideal for packing light objects and great money savers when it comes to preventing products damage.

Bubble Pouches In Bulk Prices

If you are a business that ships out fragile products and are looking for a secure solution to ship out your products then you have come to the correct place. Here in StarBoxes not only do we offer shipping mailers but we also sell them at wholesale prices. With these mailers, you will ensure the safety of your shipping goods but you will also save money on packaging material.

More Information
SKU BOB815175200
UPC 810042158955
Weight 11.600000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Size 15" x 17.5"
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Features / Information Strong polyethylene material, Secure adhesive seal, Protect small fragile Items, Lightweight, Clear view
Mailer Type Bubble Bag
Self Mailers 15" x 17.5" #8 - Pack of 200 for storage or shipping of goods
Exterior bubble cushioning protection for delicate items like figurines, glass decor, china, and holiday decorations
Peel and stick envelope to secure objects and tamper evident with peel and stick closure
Flexible packaging for any merchandise or item you place inside the bubble bag
Moisture and dust resistance for protection of your product while in shipment or storage
Product Length 17.500000
Product Width 15.000000
Product Height 0.000000
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