Poly Bubble Mailer 14.25"x20" #7 Pack of 100

  • Pack of 100 #7 White Poly bubble mailers with size 14.25" X 20" with Interior dimensions 14.25" X 19"
  • Pack and Self-sealing tab that keeps the content inside safe & secure with a tamper-evident closure. Possible .5" +/- variance on the sizing
  • 1/8” or 3/16” - 2 layers  bubble cushioning interior polyethylene material cushions and protects products inside
  • Permanent self-sealing adhesive closure with tape width 0.75” and lip width 1.57”.
  • Thickness of PE Film is 65 microns and the PE Film color is white Outside / Grey Inside. Tape color Clear/White Anti-static.


Poly Bubble Mailers For Your E-commerce Business

Shipping your products that are sold from your e-commerce website can be a tedious task if you are not prepared with the correct packing materials. Save on e-commerce shipping costs by preparing ahead of time. Do you need boxes, mailers, packing materials, or do you need a combination of solutions?

StarBoxes Poly Mailers Are Lightweight And A Cheap Shipping Solution

Starboxes poly bubble mailers are lightweight and cheap for an overall winner on a shipping solution. These mailers are tear and moisture resistant which makes them perfect for keeping your products safe and clean during shipment.  Shipping your products with regular envelopes can cause damage to your products since they are not waterproof like poly bubble mailers. The outer envelope is opaque with a self-secure adhesive closure. This keeps your products safe inside and prying eyes out.  Below you will find all of the information you need to know about poly bubble mailers and why you should choose them.

Choose The Correct Packaging Material

Using the correct packaging material for your products can be an excellent solution for improving your customer satisfaction. These poly mailing bags are designed to cushion and protect your products from getting damaged or wet. Poly bubble mailers can help you speed up your packaging and shipping process since they come with a self-sealing closure that makes it easy to pack your products. The bags are sometimes reused for storing goods.

Another benefit of using poly bubble mailers is that they are made of a durable material which makes them perfect for shipping products like clothes under extreme weather conditions.  Starboxes poly mailing bags are affordable and can help you save money on purchasing extra packaging materials.  In comparison to packing peanuts or kraft paper, these poly bubble mailers are an all-in-one shipping bag and won’t require extra material. Poly bubble mailers have a smooth surface that makes it easier for labeling or writing on the outside.

Ship Different Products With Poly Bubble Mailers

Poly bubble mailers can be used for shipping different types of products like hardware, electronic devices, clothing, and much more.  They are perfect for making your shipping process quick and easy with their lightweight feature. You can also store them in any part of your warehouse and they won’t take a lot of space.  The packaging material can be an excellent option for you to pack and ship your online products.

More Information
SKU PBM714520100
UPC 810042157095
Weight 13.000000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Size 14.25"X20"
Color White
Product Type Poly Bubble Mailer
Material Polyethylene
Features / Highlights Poly Exterior, Waterproof and tear-resistant, self sealing, Light weight Lowers shipping cost, Professional white color appearance
Mailer Type Poly Bubble Mailer
Padded bubble makes for a safe padded transportation alternative to regular poly bubble mailers
Polyethylene material is strong, protective, and opaque for secure blocking view
Etsy sellers find that these bags are wonderful for sending fragile trinkets and economical shipping costs
Sealant is peel proof once the adhesive is stuck to the bag to keep items secure and tamper resistant
Important documents will be protected from one destination to the next with waterproof envelope
Product Length 20.000000
Product Width 14.500000
Product Height 0.400000
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