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Green Bubble Small 3/16" 60' X 12" Wide

  • Green bubble cushioning wrap - 60' x 12"
  • Perforated edges every 12" for easy tear and packing
  • Green bubble protection is 3/16" thick x 3/8" wide
  • Made eco-friendly with polyethylene resin and is recyclable
  • Great packing material with lightweight features and protection

Colored Bubble Rolls Wrap

Colored bubble rolls wrap is 60' x 12' wide and perforated every 12" for easy tearing. The green perforated bubble wrap can be used to protect fragile items during transport. It can also be used for Christmas, Earth Day or St. Patty’s Day. One of the best things about colored bubble rolls is that it’s very affordable. If you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your valuables, then you should consider using colored bubble rolls wrap. It reduces vibrations and prevents the items from clanking together. Colored bubble rolls wrap is non-abrasive, so it won’t scratch delicate surfaces. As such, it is perfect for storing, shipping and packaging holiday gifts, cosmetics, glass, and other items.

Why Use Colored Bubble Rolls Wrap?

Peace of Mind

If you have to transport a breakable item to a long distance area, you should wrap it with colored bubble rolls. You can have peace of mind knowing that your items will be shipped safely and arrive in one piece. Colored bubble rolls are perfect for transporting fragile such as dishes, glass objects, and artwork. It can also be used to protect homemade skin care products such as soaps. You can use raffia, twine or ribbon to tie the bubble cushion wrap. Don’t forget to add your own logo sticker. This is a cheap way of packaging your products and promoting it at the same time.

Fancy Packaging

When you need a fancy packaging to wrap your holiday gifts, you should consider using colored bubble rolls wrap. A beautiful bouquet of flowers will stay fresh when wrapped with colored bubble rolls. The green cushioning bubble would be great for wrapping the newest Xbox game or holiday décor. Colored bubble rolls add an extra touch of thoughtfulness to your gift. If you want to make your gift more special, why don’t you use to pack it in colored bubble rolls instead of using plain corrugated boxes?


Colored bubble rolls are flexible and wrap easily around any item. Regardless of the item’s shape, you can make sure that it will get the protection it needs. Secure the bubble cushion wrap with tape. You can also decorate the package with a pretty bow or ribbon.

Visual Impact

The color of colored bubble rolls creates a visual impact that makes gifts look more special. It shows that you put some thought and effort into the gift’s wrapping. Instead of using clear bubble rolls, you chose to send the gift in a colored bubble cushion. The receiver will definitely appreciate the gesture. Using colored bubble rolls is definitely a great way to get your gifts safely to your loved ones. Whether you want to send homemade skin care products, a bouquet of flowers, artwork or other gifts on a special occasion, don’t forget to wrap the item in colored bubble roll wrap.

Colored bubble rolls wrap allows you to protect fragile items from breaking and package it in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Your items will arrive safely at its destination, so why don’t you get your own colored bubble rolls wrap now?

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More Information
UPC 028672857388
Weight 0.8100
Brand StarBoxes
Make your brand stand out with colored bubble cushioning wrap
Use colored bubble cushion roll for the holidays to ship packages
Colored bubble rolls come in various colors including green, red, and blue
Colored cushion wraps are not only decorative but provide protection during shipments
Cushioning wraps are lightweight and made of strong polyethylene for a cost effective shipping material
Color Green
Material Polyethylene
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes 8 x 8 x 12