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Poly mailers for your business

Choosing the correct mailer can become a real challenge, especially if you want to ship lightweight and non-fragile items that don’t require shipping boxes. Our Poly mailers are an excellent alternative for you to ship lighter items and reduce your freight cost.  They have become an easy and practical alternative for shipping products compared to sturdy boxes.  If you have already decided to ship your product with poly mailers, then keep learning and reading more about them here.

What are Poly mailers?

Poly mailers are designed with a self-sealing closure that allows you to make your packaging process more practical and easy. They are made with polyethylene material that makes them lightweight and easy to handle while you are packing. Poly mailers are also water and tear-resistant for you to ship under any weather conditions. These poly mailers come with an adhesive seal that provides better protection during shipment. They have become an excellent alternative for many eCommerce and distributors.

Advantages of using Poly mailers

Not only they are affordable, but they also provide excellent protection for your products during shipment. You can check out some of the benefits that poly mailers can provide for your shipping business.

  • Safety delivery - Our poly mailers are designed with excellent polyethylene material that keeps your products protected from damage and moisture. Made with a self-sealing closure that keeps your products safe from getting dirty or wet.
  • Promote and branding - Not only they ensure the safety of your products, but you can also use them as a marketing opportunity. You can customize your packages to help promote your brand and the product your offer with adhesive stickers.
  • Easy to store - Poly mailers are lightweight and small for you to store them anywhere in your office or warehouse. They also won’t take a lot of space at your workstation as boxes do.
  • Affordable and practical - They are cheaper for you to pack, handle, and ship compared to corrugated boxes or other packaging materials.
  • Moisture-resistant - Keeps your merchandise safe and secure inside from being exposed to liquids and other elements during shipment.
Choosing the correct size

StarBoxes poly mailers come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from according to the size of the product you want to ship.  You will need to measure the size and thickness of the item you want to ship. From there, you will need to add the length of the item to the thickness and then add 2.5 inches for size.