12.5" x 19" - #6

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StarBoxes Poly Bubble Mailer 12.5”x19” - #6: Your Business Advantage!

Do you want to ship your clothes in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner? Our poly bubble mailers 12.5”x19” will meet all your shipping needs while helping you grow your business.

Our poly bubble mailers are best known to be durable, lightweight, moisture-resistance, protective due to the best quality polyethylene film used. You can find them lightweight, thin, and waterproof, which ensures that your items will arrive at your customers in perfect condition.

Furthermore, poly bubble mailers are ideal for shipping sold flat and soft items such as clothing, fabrics, art and prints, accessories, shoes, yarns, and more. These bubble mailers are recyclable and have a professional business look, making it appealing to your customers.

Poly Bubble Mailers as Your Business Advantage

Every time you need to ship your goods to your customers, make sure that you have a dependable, effective shipping material option. You can always rely on our poly bubble mailers to solve your shipping needs and help you satisfy your customers by delivering good condition products.

So, what makes our poly bubble mailers useful to your business?

  • Bubble Mailer Envelopes come with cheaper cost compared to other shipping options
  • Waterproof and repurpose
  • Offer complete durability and do not easily get torn
  • Lightweight and very thin, making them easy to carry and require less storage space
  • StarBoxes offers very competitive pricing

Since 12.5x19" poly bubble mailers are lightweight, you can consider them as beneficial in saving from shipping costs. That is because you can keep your package under the 13 oz limit, which allows you to utilize a cost-effective shipping option.

In addition, you can find our poly bubble mailers to be reusable. The tear strip is combined with dependable second adhesive strip, which makes it easier for you to ship out products within a protected environment.

Choosing the Right Poly Bubble Mailers for Your Shipping Needs

There are plenty of poly bubble mailers, but StarBoxes competitive business prices remain to be the top choice among business owners looking for packaging savings.


The strength and durability provided by poly bubble resulted from effective sealing and thickness. You can be sure that your goods are protected throughout the transport.

Release Liner

The release liner can help you make the packing process seamless and effective in less time and no tape necessary. This liner will also help you prevent the static-filled liner from clinging onto you, packages, or floor.

Tear Strip

Your customers will find your package easy to open through the tear strip without having poke holes. This feature will also make it easy for your customers to reuse the mailers for other purposes.

Tamper Evident

Through the tamper-evident feature, rest assured that no one will attempt to tamper the package between shipment and delivery. This also ensures you prevent issues like damaged or missing items and make your customers satisfied with your products.

For high quality, affordable, and dependable poly bubble mailers, always trust StarBoxes. Then, experience a business advantage.