5" x 10" - #00

Kraft Bubble Mailer #00

Kraft Bubble Mailers #00

Inside Dimensions: 5" x 9"
Self-Sealing & 100% Recyclable
52 lb. Kraft paper with 1/8” or 3/16” - 2 layers  bubble lining
Lightweight to save on shipping
Each weigh just 0.4 ounces + or - 0.1
Perfect for CDs, Video Games, or Cell Phone Cases
*Mailer Sizes inside dimension can vary +/- (plus or minus) a 1/4"
Mailer Required: Determine both width and depth add 1/2" then measure length and depth add 2"

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Why Use Kraft Bubble Mailers #00 5" x 10" for Your Next Mail?

Are you one of those people who has experienced a damaged mail package? If so, you know how stressing it can be, for the most part, if you don’t have any shipping insurance. In the majority of cases, damage can happen when the piece delivered was not packaged properly. As an alternative of placing it inside Kraft paper envelopes, it was only shipped to you on a standard paper envelop or box.

Irrespective of your scenario, you will find some methods on how you can send your mail safely and effectively. Starboxes.com has a wide array of Kraft bubble mailers for you to choose from. Feel free to look around our products and choose the right mailer types for your business. With us, you can assure what you’re getting is made from the finest 52# kraft paper and 3/16" bubble interior.

Why Buy Kraft Bubble Mailers #00 from Starboxes.com?

Did you know that the self-seal brown Kraft paper envelop from our company is made from quality packing materials? That means our paper envelopes add great protection and additional tensile strength. Apart from that, it also serves as an insulate from oil, water, and grease damage.

Also, our envelope safeguards and reinforces the bag from piercing and ripping, even from those sharp things. Plus, since our envelopes are padded, it delivers you a very affordable mailing. That’s because they weigh much less. Ultimately, it features a self-sealing style on the end of its flap. They are coated along with a natural rubber adhesive which enables them to stick to itself. No carton sealing tape necessary as an additional packaging expense.

On the other hand, compared to corrugated boxes that require packing materials, our mailers save storage space, energy, time and money. Following are the top reasons why kraft paper bags might deliver you a more cost-efficient mailing solution.

  • Fewer material costs

The total cost of packaging material is lessened by removing various products like loose fill, tape, and corrugated boxes.

  • Eco-friendly

The less material used, denotes lower solid waste. Lowered waste delivered to landfill aids the environment. It also helps reduce the costs of waste removal. Since our paper envelopes are 100% recyclable, it will surely be a win-win situation for you.

  • Easy to order

Do you want to order our paper bubble envelopes today? Don’t worry. Our mailers are accessible in different sizes. Thus, it makes it simple for you to find the suitable paper envelopes that will fit in any small, low profile item.

Buy Kraft Paper Envelopes Today from Starboxes.com!

We understand that what you want is only the best materials. Trust us; you’ll not be disappointed after you purchase our Kraft bubble mailers, because they are accessible in different sizes and styles with very small shipping space required.

They are very lightweight to help you save on shipping fees. If you want to save more for buying from us, don’t worry! All of our bubble mailers and envelopes are sold in bulk. They also come at low wholesale prices too!

Shop with us today! For more information, call us today at 800 878 7703!