5" x 1000' x 80G, 12 Rls/Cs Narrow Banding

  • Cast Stretch Wrap - 5 x 1000 x 80, 12 rolls in a case, Narrow Banding
  • Handles pre-attached to permit easy spin and release to lower the stress to hands and wrists
  • Every roll of stretch film possess a robust cling to be used in personal or commercial practices
  • Stretch wrap with no linger underlying residue unlike packing supplies like tape
  • Film that's mighty enough to withstand difficult transit and environmental conditions

How Effective Is Stretch Wrap!

Selecting an effective packaging material for your loads can help ensure the safety of them during transportation or storage.  If you are not a packaging expert, you probably may wonder how stretch wrap works and how effective it can be during shipment. StarBoxes stretch wrap is an excellent packaging option for keeping your valuable products tightly secure.  Its elastic properties allow you to unitize from small products to larger loads. Here we will provide you with a quick guide on everything you need to know about the stretch wrap and how it can help you improve your shipping process.

What Is Cast Stretch Wrap?

Cast stretch wrap is an elastic-plastic film that allows you to wrap and even unitize pallets.  Cast stretch film offers higher transparency and quiet unwind compared to blown stretch wrap. This packaging material works as a plastic barrier that keeps your loads tightly secure and free from environmental elements like moisture, dust, dirt, gases, and much more.  There are different types of stretch films that are blown hand stretch film, machine stretch film, extended core stretch film, etc.  

3 Benefits of Using A Stretch wrap

  • Helps prevent product damage - You can use the different types of stretch wraps for bundling your items and keep them protected from moisture and damage that can occur during transportation. Stretch film wrap can be an excellent option for providing stability to your stacked boxes on pallets during transportation or storage.
  • Ideal for unitizing pallets - Using stretch film for unitizing your pallets can be an effective option for loading and unloading your merchandise. This packaging material can also help prevent your load from moving around during transportation.
  • Improve productivity - Another benefit of using stretch wrap is that it can help increase employer productivity since it can be quickly applied to your loads to secure and prevent pilferage.  Choosing the correct stretch wrap can depend on the size and structure of your loads.
Narrow Banding Stretch Film

This type of stretch film wrap is an excellent option for wrapping and bundling small items manually.  Cast stretch wrap is resistant to puncture and can be used for ensuring the safety of your product against damage, moisture, dirt, and dust during storage or shipment.

More Information
UPC 028672853809
Weight 19.200000
Brand StarBoxes
GA. 80G
Color Clear
Material Linear low-density polyethylene
Size 5" x 1000'
Type Mini-Stretch
Features / Extra Information Low cost compared to tape, strapping or twine, Stiff quiet unwind, Strong holding strength, self clinkgs without residue, Quite Unwinding Stiff & Strong Cast Film
Strong polyethylene material resists punctures and tears while providing a clear view
Low cost alternative to keep products together and reduce product loss or damages
Quick and easy to use with a gripping handle to control wrapping items and quiet unwind
This type of stretch film will cling to itself providing strength and durability to hold items together
Use narrow banding stretch wrap to secure boxes, furniture, or bundle odd shaped items
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 1000.000000
Product Width 5.000000
Product Height 0.000000
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