15" x 1500' x 70G, 4 Rls/Cs Hand Wrap Blown

  • Stretch Wrap - 12in x 1500ft x 80 gauged, 4 rolls per case 
  • Hand Wrap Blown film use to protect your items as it's stronger compared to other films
  • Makes for smooth transportation securing cargo with sharper borders susceptible to breaching less dense films
  • A stretch film manufactured to be tougher and more resilient to secure products with a 3" core
  • Durable as it also maintains a higher tear resistance
  • Buy 4 for $62.35 each and save 4%
  • Buy 8 for $59.75 each and save 8%
  • Buy 16 for $57.16 each and save 12%
  • Buy 24 for $55.21 each and save 15%

Why Do You Need Blown Stretch Wrap?

If you are looking for a better way to keep your products protected and save money at the same time, then you have come to the correct place.  Starboxes blown stretch wrap is an excellent solution for wrapping your products and keep them tightly secure  This blown stretch wrap is so easy and quick to use, that you can wrap any type of product by hand. It can be used for several applications like wrapping your boxes together for you to save space and keep your packages protected. Here you will find how stretch wrap works and why you need to use it for your business.

How To Use Blown Stretch Wrap For Your Business

Blown stretch wrap can be used for several applications for your business needs like wrapping pallets to keep them together and secure during transportation. It can also be used to wrap your merchandise on pallets for better protection of the items while they are on the road.  Using wholesale stretch wrap can help you save time transporting all of your merchandise from one place to another.  Below you will find some of the benefits you can have if you are planning on using the wholesale stretch wrap.

4 Benefits of Using Blown Stretch Wrap

  • Provides better protection: Wrapping your boxes, pallets, or products with a stretch wrap can keep them safe from dirt, moisture, and dust. wholesale stretch wrap can be a great solution for keeping your products dry and clean when you store them outside.
  • Minimize product damage: Stretch wrap can help keep your loads tightly secure and more stable when you are moving your loads around, The secure loads will are less likely to shift and cause damage.
  • Uplift your shipping and handling process: You can use it to keep your load stacked on pallets to help you save space in your warehouse. This wrapping material can also help you increase your productivity since it’s so easy to wrap and secure products.
  • Keep inventory control:  This clear stretch wrap allows you to keep your products together, which can help prevent products from getting lost and it can also allow you to scan the items easily.

In conclusion, wrapping your products with this clear blown stretch wrap can be an excellent alternative for you to improve the safety of your merchandise. Not only it provides protection, but it can help you transport your merchandise easily.

More Information
UPC 028672854929
Weight 23.040000
Brand StarBoxes
GA. 70G
Color Clear
Material Linear low-density polyethylene
Size 15" x 1500'
Style Blown Hand
Type Shrink/Stretch Wrap
Features / Extra Information Highly Puncture Resistant, Excellent Wrapping Cling, Self-Clinging without leaving residue, Tear-resistant on sharp corners, Capable to working in low temperatures
A sensible cost for a superior wrapping protectant for pallet loads, furniture, or irregular shaped items
Pallet wholesale stretch wrap operates as a safety net when in transit or storage to keep items from shifting
Pallet stretch film with enhanced resistance to ripping or breaking during transit or storage
Blown stretch film to bundle goods together and wrapping palletized cartons to prevent shifting or pilferage
Wholesale stretch wrap that will repel dust, dirt, and foreign particles that may damage items if exposed to the elements
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 1500.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.000000
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