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Green Leaf-Shaped Packing Peanuts 3 Cu Ft. 2-Pack

  • Green Leaf-Shaped Packing Peanuts 3 Cu Ft. 2-Pack
  • Uniquely shaped biodegradable peanuts that are exceptional for shipping CBD products, cannabis products, and gifts for birthdays and holidays
  • Ideal for protecting vulnerable items such as dishware, collectibles, glassware, ceramics, and artwork
  • Reuse peanuts for shipping purposes, make your own alternative stuffing, tighten screws, and create crafts.
  • Starch-based so it can easily be dissolved by water 

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Pros and Cons of Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Loose-fill industrial packing peanuts are great for protecting items from shifting, shock, or being damaged while moving or in storage but many people considered them a nuisance due to it creating a mess, potentially clinging to clothes, and being harmful to the environment. Although there are eco-friendly options some movers still find the disadvantages in them. Below are the overall pros and cons of biodegradable packing peanuts.

Pros: These peanuts in specific arent your ordinary white noodle shaped eco-fill but a green leaf-shaped that's great for events, products, and gifts. They're made from non-toxic and natural sources such as corn starch and wheat and dissolve in water and can be put in a compost pile. They're completely not static-free and won't destroy electronics or stick to clothes. 

Cons: Although they're a better option and weigh less than other void-fillers, biodegradable nuts weigh more than the traditional. It overall makes the shipping cost a tad bit higher and most suppliers will go with something cheaper than eco-friendly. Also, many recycling programs will take styrofoam peanuts anyway just be sure to tie them tightly in a plastic bag.

More Information
UPC 810042150775
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Green
Material Starch
Features / Information Plant-based, Bio-degradable packaging solution, Cushion void fill, Fun shapes, Natural and non-toxic, Absorbs Shock
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Weight 1.000000
Product Length 1.000000
Product Width 1.000000
Product Height 0.500000
Green packing peanuts provide a high impact cushioning material that will keep items being shipped or put in storage safe
Great for packing awkwardly shape items, these eco-friendly packing peanuts are better if you fill the box half way, place the item in there, then filled to the top
Packing noodles are compostable, non toxic, static-free, dust-free, lightweight and overall extremely durable
Place hemp oils, CBD products, and cannabis related items and top it with these green leaf-shaped pellets for a creative and fun package to consumers
Once you're done with these loose fill peanuts be sure to recycle them in a compost pile, soak in water, protect painted walls, and cover sharp tools around the house
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