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Reclosable Bags 2 mil. 8" x 12" - 1000 c/s

  • Reclosable Clear Poly Bags 2 mil. 8" x 12" - 1000 c/s
  • Singletrack closure that seals with easy to stay closed until opened
  • Reusable polybags generated from strong polyethylene material
  • Storage bags strengthened so they're reusable and not easily torn 
  • Reclosable bags are easy to pack, label, then place into storage

Reclosable Clear Poly Bags 2 mil. 8" x 12" - 1000 c/s

More Information
SKU ZIP81221000C
UPC 766897402135
Brand StarBoxes
Size 8" x 12"
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Reclosable bags 8"x12" great for packing small products away for storage
Poly-bags can maintain the flavor of foods of packaged confections until there sold
Poly-bags protect the food goods with its air-tight seal for long-term preservation of products
Beneficial to have on hand for celebrations and events so packed food products maintain their freshness
Durable poly-bags designed to make life around the office or home more organized
Weight 15.5000
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Single Boxes 12 x 12 x 12