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Poly Mailer Bags 14" x 19" #6 - Pack of 250

  • Inside dimensions 14.5" X 19" #6 discount plastic bags
  • Outside Dimensions 14.5" X 19.5"
  • Concealed contents with white poly shipping bag
  • Adhesive seal-n-peel
  • Pack of 250

The Benefits Of Poly Mailer Bags 14" x 19" #6 For Your Business

When it comes to having a successful business, you have to take every advantage that you can to stay ahead of everyone else. This is even true down to small details such as choosing what types of shipping bags to use. Business mailers such as the poly mailer bags offer many benefits to businesses. Below are a couple of reasons why using poly mailers for your shipping needs is beneficial for your business. 


No business will survive if their products are always reaching their customers damaged. Poly mailer bags make the perfect choice for transporting your products and will give you assurance knowing that they will arrive safely. There are also shipping bags to send perishable food in as well. No matter what you need to be delivered, there is a poly bag to get it there in good condition. 


Poly mailers are not only convenient and protective, they are also very professional looking. There is also an option of getting your shipping bags customized with your business logo or other information. This can help to strengthen your brand. Another reason why these mailers are professional is that they can be reused. This can be especially useful if you offer a return policy. Your products can then be easily and securely shipped back to your business. Using poly mailer bags cheap is a great way to make your customers happy. They will receive their products in good condition and in a professional looking mailer bag. If your business does a lot of shipping, then you need poly mailer bags for your shipping needs.
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SKU PMB614160250
UPC 741360978621
Brand StarBoxes
Color White
Material Poly
Weight 12.5000
Country of Manufacture
Single Boxes 15.5 x 12 x 3