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Poly Mailer Bags 6" x 9" - Pack of 500

  • A quantity of 500 6" x 9" Poly Postal Shipping Bags
  • Opaque White to conceal contents inside to ensure privacy while in transit
  • Tamper-evident self-adhesive closure that can not rupture until torn apart
  • Space-saving flat convenient storage of envelopes that saves you on shipping
  • Label mailer bags with markers, peel and stick label addresses, stickers, postal stamps, and more to ensure uniqueness

Poly Mailers wholesale 6" x 9" #0

Whether you're shipping paper goods for a small business or mailing important documents for personal reasons, poly mailers will ensure that they arrive safe and sound. These durable self seal poly mailers are waterproof and tearproof, protecting your important contents from damage along the way.

Poly mailers and padded bubble mailers protect your valuable goods and documents from rain, spills, and mail room mishaps like nothing else can. Whether you're shipping across town or across the country, you can rest a little easier with durable, reliable poly mailers protecting your documents and valuable goods. 

Not only are these self seal poly mailers easy to use, but these bulk poly mailers will save you money. In these economic times, small businesses and home office workers need to save money wherever they can - especially on shipping supplies. Buying bulk poly mailers online saves time and money. Order bulk poly mailers online and save yourself the time, hassle, and expense of buying mailers from retail office supply stores. 

No small business or home office is complete without the convenience and reliabilty of self seal poly mailers at your fingertips. Whether you're an entrepreneur mailing handmade goods around the world, a writer mailing a manuscript across the country, or just sending a care package to a loved one across town, poly mailers and poly bubble bags are the right tool for the job. Don't risk losing your customers' goods or valuable documents in fragile paper envelopes. Poly mailer bags cheap save you time, money, and peace of mind.
More Information
SKU PMB006090500
UPC 741360978379
Brand StarBoxes
Color White
Material Poly
Strong and non transparent white poly mailers that aid in concealing goods and is tamper-resistant
Be sure to choose the right size wholesale mailers for each product to save on storage, packing, and shipping costs
Mailing bags with a self-sealing adhesive strip will not open once stuck to the bag. Can only be tampered with once torn apart
Weatherproof shipping pouches that can be used to package and ship virtually almost any non-fragile items
500 plastic poly bags that are suitable for storage, distinguishing your brand, mailing soft goods, liquids, and small nonfragile products
Weight 5.5000
Country of Manufacture
Single Boxes 9.5 x 9.5 x 0.5