Picture Boxes 3 Sets of 40" x 60"

  • Picture / Mirror Boxes
  • Set of 3 Picture Boxes
  • 4 pieces needed per item
  • 4 piece set extends up to 40" X 60" 4" Depth

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Mirror and Picture Boxes

Mirror and Picture Boxes are designed to adjust to fit each item perfectly and protect your mirrors, artworks, and photographs against damages.  Packing of hanging artwork items is made easy and safe by these adjustable picture and mirror boxes that one size fits all sizes.  Easy to assemble boxes and fit around the item you are packing.  Be sure to use plenty of packing material and bubble rolls.  The void space in boxes is the biggest contributor of damages due to the constant shift of the items in the box.

Packing Mirrors and Pictures

Packing of mirrors and pictures requires special attention to the quality and type of the corrugated boxes and related packing supplies.  As strong as any corrugated moving box could be, does not offer complete protection unless items are packed with bubble rolls, packing paper or foam wrap prior to inserting them in the box.  While the use of the bubble roll wrap is specifically recommended for packing mirrors and frame.  For bulkier items and antiques that are too large to fit in a box, the moving blankets and furniture pads are great packing tools as well.

Picture Shipping Boxes

When storing mirrors or artwork be sure to buy the proper packing materials and boxes to securely pack your item.  Wrap your picture or mirror with bubble rolls and fill the voids in the box before placing your item in the box and continue to fill the spaces on the open end of the box before sealing with tape.  Use fragile labels or tape to mark the box as a delicate item.  If placed in storage the tape label will be a reminder when moving your mirror or picture again.

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