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Why choose Poly Mailers?

Choosing the correct packaging material is very important because that can determine from your freight cost to whether your product arrives safely at its final destination. You may think that shipping boxes can provide maximum protection for all types of products when they are not necessary during shipment. Compared to corrugated boxes our poly mailers are moisture-resistant and cheaper.

 Poly Mailers have become a popular packaging option in the eCommerce industry because they help you save money on freight costs and on extra packaging material.  In this article, we are going to give you a quick guide on what are poly mailers are, how they work, and why you should choose them instead of other packaging material.

What are Poly mailers?

Poly mailers are made of polyethylene material that makes them lightweight and moisture resistant.  They are designed with a self-sealing adhesive, that makes your packing process more practical. You can use your postage stamps on them or you can use them to increase the visibility of your brand.  These mailers are ideal for shipping your packages under any weather condition since they are waterproof and tear-proof.  

Our poly bubble mailers come with a protective 3/16" bubble cushioning that doesn’t require extra protective packaging material like corrugated boxes do to help prevent product damage.  They come in a variety of sizes and can be stored easily regardless of the temperature or moisture in your warehouse.

What types of products can you pack?

Poly mailers are ideal for shipping items that can’t be crushed easily during transportation like textiles, clothing, yarns, books, DVD’s, etc.  You can also use them for shipping fragile boxed products like jewelry, shoes, decorations, ornaments, toys, etc.  It is very important for you to consider that not all types of products can be shipped with poly mailers. You may want to consider using our corrugated boxes along with void fill packaging for shipping fragile items.

Poly Mailers Vs Other packaging materials

Poly mailers are lighter and smaller and easy to store at your warehouse. They can perfectly fit in a post box and also help reduce shipping costs since they don’t take a lot of space in a carrier vehicle like boxes do. These mailers are weatherproof that keeps your product protected from bad weather conditions unlike corrugated boxes and regular envelopes. Another advantage is that you can pack your products in only two steps since they don’t require extra packaging materials.