10" x 13" - #3

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  6. As low as $13.54

Durability Meets Style Poly Mailer Bags

White Poly Mailers are suitable for businesses with their clean and sleek design. The sturdy material is puncture resistant and is waterproof. Adhesive logo address stickers can be easily adhered to brand your business. If you are looking for an extra design element consider the Colored Poly Mailers.

Colored Poly Mailer Bags Are A Brands Best Choice

Colored Poly Mailer Bags are manufactured from sturdy polyethylene allowing them to withstand the rigors of transit. They are tear-resistant, waterproof, and ready to protect the content from the harsh external elements. But it’s their style that steals the show. Colored Poly Mailers are available in a great collection of colors. The variety of colors caters to every taste and occasion, be it a seasonal promotion or emphasizing on the brand identity.