Poly Mailer Bags 9" x 12" #2 - Pack of 1000

Tough and tear resistant poly bag mailers 9" x 12" #2 will arrive with your sealed goods still in the bag.

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Poly Bag Mailers 9" x 12" #2 - Pack of 1000

Mailing your documents and other important papers has just gotten 100 percent easier with Poly Bag Mailers, sized 9" x 12". For decades, mailing small packages, documents or papers has been restricted to padded bubble mailers and typical brown mailers, but these Poly Bag Mailers have brought shipping to a whole new level. Starboxes has everything you need for mailing and shipping in the 21st century.

What is the Difference in Mailers?

Poly Bag Mailers, or plastic mailers are made of heavy-duty polyethylene, which makes the envelopes opaque for your privacy while also highly resistant to moisture and water. These poly bags are also superior to brown mailers in that they are resistant to punctures, tears and other damage that occurs in mailing.

Compared to the brown paper or white cardboard, they are lighter weight, so they are time-saving and easy to pack and secure. This means faster packing time and lower shipping costs in your total mailing processing.

Buy in Bulk

With Starboxes, as with other companies, the most efficient way to purchase product is to buy in bulk. You and your business can purchase bulk poly bags, the Poly Bag Mailers 9" x 12" Pack of 1000, at wholesale prices, saving time, labor and cost with these state-of-the-art mailers. If the pack of 1000 is typically used quickly in your company, consider purchasing several at a time to save time and money. Starboxes has whatever you need for your mailing, at prices and service that will bring you back again and again.

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