Poly Mailer Bags 14.5" x 19" #6 - Pack of 100

Case quantity of 100 Poly Bag Mailers 14.5" x 19" #6 tear resistant self seal envelopes.Resistant to water, dust and dirt, these mailers insure that your items will arrive clean. The strong, high quality seals allow you to over-stuff these mailers for maximum efficiency.


Poly Bag Mailers 14.5" x 19" #6 - Pack of 100

Poly Bag Mailers are an exceptional value for shippers looking for a cheap and reliable packaging product. These bags allow businesses to ship a variety of items at the lowest price possible. Unlike a standard shipping box, poly bags will eliminate empty, unused space and save money on postage.  When purchased in a bulk lot of 100, these poly mailer bags cost pennies each. Because these bags are flat and sleek, they can be easily stored. Unlike boxes and shipping tubes, business owners can keep them on hand in bulk amounts so they are readily accessible to ship products. 

Poly bag mailers come in many sizes. The 14.5” x 19” bags are perfect for shipping clothing, books, toys, and any other unbreakable item. The bags are pliable and can be stuffed to accommodate large items without wasted space, saving businesses money on filler material and postage.  Poly bag mailers are excellent for protecting shipments from the elements. Each bag is made from a durable, water-proof polymer that safeguard items much better than a paper envelope. 

Each poly bag mailer comes with a self sealing tab that provides tamper-evident closure to your package. The polyethylene shell is thick and durable and also provides exceptional security in shipping packages. Aside from being tamper resistant, poly bag mailers close securely so items do not fall out as they do with paper envelopes. Each bag is puncture resistant on the inside and outside due to a high tech silver lining of protection.


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SKU PMB614160100
.Tamper resistant.
.Water resistant.
.Tight bonding adhesive make the self-sealing closure secure and reliable for added peace of mind.
.Lightweight and saves on shipping costs.
UPC 741360978614
Package size 7 x 12 x 3
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