Poly Mailer Bags 24" x 24" #8 - Pack of 100

  • Poly Mailer Bags 24" x 24" #8 - Pack of 100
  • Opaque shipping envelopes with interior dimensions of 24" x 24"  and exterior dimensions of 24" x 24.5"
  • Flexible high strength mailers with a self-adhesive closure manufactured out of a polyethylene blend
  • Strong puncture-resistant poly mailers are light to save on shipping costs and store flat to save space
  • Pack and ship non-fragile items using poly-mailers that are tamper and weather-proof 
  • Top-quality poly mailers that can be packed to full capacity and still withstand  the stressors involved with shipping 


Why Choose Poly Mailer Bags

Our poly mailer bags are made of the highest quality material that offers strong protection against moisture, dust, damage, and dirt. Poly shipping bags have become a popular choice for the e-commerce industry. This style shipping bag helps ensure that your products arrive safely to its final destination. Compared to other mailer materials, poly mailer bags are much lighter and they are also water-proof. Our Poly mailer bags are the best choice for your business if you are trying to save on shipping expenses. The bags also prevent many of the shipping risks your product could have during transportation due to the tamper-resistant feature. 

Long-Lasting Mailer Bags

Polyethylene mailer bags are designed for you to ship your products under any weather condition since they are resistant to water and dust. Compared to other mailer bags they are not easily torn during rough handling.

Easy to Customize Shipping Bags

For brand recognition, you can customize the mailers with your company sticker logo or name on the outside.  A great way for you to promote and increase your brand awareness among your customers.  Ship your products in a professional-looking package to keep your customer loyalty and confidence to shop again.  Made with a smooth surface for you to easily attach your shipping label.

4 Reasons To Choose Poly Mailer Bags

Protects your products

Our Poly mailer bags provide better protection compared to any corrugated box for soft goods. The mailers are waterproof and tear-resistant. Keeps your products inside safe from getting damaged during the shipping process.  Ensure that your products arrive in good condition. Save money and time on damaged products and customers' complaints.

Easy to store

Made with a lightweight material that compared to shipping boxes you can store in a small warehouse space. You may stack on a shelf or in a drawer for easy access to ship packages.

Multiple Uses For Poly Mailer Bags

Our poly mailer bags are designed with different sizes for you to ship any type of product like clothes, books, and electronic devices. You can also use them to provide an extra layer of protection to your products when you are using shipping boxes. 

Cost-Effective Poly Mailers

An affordable way for you to ship your products since they are quite cheap compared to other packing materials. Helps reduce your packing process with a self-adhesive that doesn't require other packing material. Ease your shipping process by saving time packing your products and sealing the bag with a self-seal label.

More Information
SKU PMB824240100
UPC 810042157262
Weight 11.000000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Color White
Material Polyethylene
Features / Information Self-Seal Adhesive, Lightweight for Low Cost Shipping, Tamper Resistant, Water and Puncture Resistant, Professional Appearance
Mailer Type Poly Mailer
Poly Mailer Bags with interior dimensions 24" X 24" #8 & exterior dimensions 24" X 24.5", pack of 100 White Poly Mailer Bags with self-adhesive closure
wholesale envelopes that are fabricated with a lightweight material that doesn’t add weight to your package and is much easier to handle during shipping and delivering process
Wholesale padded poly mailer pouches are water & tear resistant to keep items dry and in good conditions during shipment
Great for packaging your soft goods like clothes, medicine, electronic devices, toys, books, etc. Improve your customer loyalty by shipping a well-packaged custom shipping bags at a low cost.
Ship your products in an easy and creative way by branding and customizing your mailers with adhesive sticker logos or labels
Product Length 24.000000
Product Width 24.000000
Product Height 0.000000
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