Poly Bubble Mailer 4"X8" #000- Pack of 150

Heavy Duty poly courier mailers - pack of 150 4"X8" #000 Our poly bubble mailers are lightweight and durable, allowing for a great, safe, and cost efficient shipping method. The self-seal closure is tamper-evident and a secure way to close packaging. The bubble layer allows for overall protection of items within the package. This packaging method is also water-resistant and made of a multi-layer blend of polyethylene film.


Poly Courier Mailers 4"X8" #000- Pack of 150

Your customized beaded bracelets have attracted attention from friends and strangers for months, and now you’ve decided to start your own side business in order to develop additional income from your hobby. Poly courier mailers in 4”x8” sizing are excellent for your initial sales and shipping. A package of 100 mailers will take up minimal space in your crafting room and will allow you to safely ship your products as they sell. 

Whether you set up your own website or whether you choose a popular crafting sales site, your need for organization and efficiency is important. Starting with good packaging mailers will assure that your deliveries are made intact. Keeping your materials carefully stored and easily accessible will assure that you don’t misplace things. Rather, you will have the ability to quickly access your materials when sales occur. While a brand new business may require a bit of time to take off, your work is esteemed enough among your friends that you know there will be plenty of opportunity for repeat business. Starboxes can supply you with ample shipping mailers at affordable prices so that when your need for greater quantities occurs, you are able to stock up easily.

4” x 8” poly courier mailers also serve nicely as organizational products for your jewelry crafting. It can be challenging to start a project and not finish, but with small shipping mailers, you can keep related beads and fittings together so that it’s easy to pick up where you left off. Your selection of 4” x 8” shipping mailers will enable you to get several projects started.
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SKU PBM000408150
- Extra smooth surface, lightweight, saves on shipping cost
- Perfect for handwriting or labeling, Ink, stamps, and labels adhere easily
- More Economically way to ship
- Bubble layer provides added cushioning and protection
- Self-sealing adhesive strip
UPC 766897400087
Package size 18 x 14 x 8
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