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Glamour Metallic Bubble Mailer

Glamour Bubble Mailers are a great tool for shipping fragile and non-fragile items. The Metallic Bubble Mailers are very lightweight reducing the weight and shipping costs while the resilience of the bubble mailers decreases the risk of tear and damages to the contents during transit. The Glamour Bubble Mailer are offered in many vibrant metallic colors which can be alternate in colors based on the seasonal goods being shipped. The many advantages of using the Glamour Bubble Mailers include:

  • Flexibility and Strength – The Glamour Bubble Mailers are manufactured with durable elastic materials which are stretchable and strong making them perfect for mailing fragile items as well as the goods sensitive to adverse environmental exposure

  • Safety of Cushiony Interior – The interior of all Metallic Bubble Mailers are like a layer of bubble roll with all the protection they offer. The cushion of the trapped bubbles offers a great level of protection for the contents reducing risk of damages

  • Lightweight – The strength of the Glamour Bubble Mailers does not add any additional weight to them making them one of the strongest yet lightweight solution for many shippers. With the cost of shipping on a steady rise, the weight of the packing materials is more important for shippers these days than ever before. While they cannot control the weight of the items being shipped they have the option of choosing the lightest weight when it comes to their packing supplies.

  • Easy Packing - The Metallic Bubble Envelopes or Bubble Mailers are equipped with an easy to peel strips on the opening of the envelopes creating quick and effortless packing, which in turn reduces the labor costs. Adding any shipping labels or stamps are also easy on the smooth exterior surface.

  • Perfect for Small Gadgets - Ever since the introduction of the Bubble Envelopes to the market both the manufacturers and shippers have used them for shipping many items which previously they had to pack them in the boxes along with the void fillers like packing papers or bubble rolls. Now a day, the Bubble Mailers have become a must-have when shipping mobile phones, CDs and DVDs to custom jewelry.