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Gold Mailers

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Glamour Bubble Mailer

StarBoxes Glamour Bubble Mailers offer the reliability of the regular bubble mailers along with an eye-catching selection of the colors to really deliver a memorable first impression. With the introduction of online sales, the competition between manufacturers and sellers of goods has reached an exceptionally high level. Packaging of goods for sale is a combination of both art and science in today’s advanced marketing society. The art dictates the look and design of the packages while the science defines the functionality, strength and safe arrival of the contents.

The Gold Colored Bubble Mailers are the by-product of Bubble Rolls which has been on the market for many years. Bubble Rolls was an accidental product invented by two engineers trying to create a new design for wallpapers by gluing two shower curtains. The main idea was a flop but the bubbles created between the two shower curtains was the lightbulb that resulted in the invention of one of the most lightweight and cost-effective packaging aids in history.

Advantages of Glamour Bubble Mailers

All Decorative Bubble Mailers offer cushioning layers of bubble roll inside the bags making them ideal for shipping of fragile items.

  • First Impression - Glamour Bubble Mailers are offered in 7 attractive metallic colors creating a positive first impression for your clients even before they open the bag

  • Brand Recognition – Using one color that matches your company logo for all Glamour Bubble Mailers is a great way to boost your brand recognition without spending any of your marketing dollars

  • Tamper Evident – The Glamour Bubble Mailers are tear-proof creating a tamper-evident product to reduce the risk of theft or ripping open during shipping

  • Ease of Packaging – The peel and seal opening of the Glamour Bubble Mailers creates an easy and quick packaging environment reducing the labor cost with a great reliability

  • Easy Mailing – The smooth exterior of all Glamour Bubble Mailers is an ideal surface to affix address labels and stamps and are accepted by all major carriers like USPS, FedEx and UPC

  • Great for Gifts – The attractive Colored Holiday Bubble Mailers eliminates the need for gift wrapping

  • Safe Arrival – The padded interior of the Glamour Bubble Mailers reduces the risk of damages during transit and the safe arrival of your goods translates to a great customer experience

  • Waterproof – All Glamour Bubble Mailers are waterproof adding another layer of security to all your shipping

  • Seamless Bottom – The Glamour Bubble Mailers are manufactured seamless at the bottom offering extra strength against tear

  • Safe to Handle – All side seams of the Glamour Bubble Mailers are finned-edge to offer safety against any paper cut by employees and customers

  • Product Protection – The padded interior protects your painted or polished products against abrasion and scratches during handling and transit

  • Easy Storage – Glamour Bubble Mailers are compact and a large number of these bubble envelopes can be stored in a small space

  • Less Void Area – If the correct size of the Glamour Bubble Mailers are used it would minimize the void area which is the main culprit in damages by shifting the goods during transit

  • Save in Packaging – Use of the Glamour Bubble Mailers eliminates the need for packing materials like Packing Papers to fill the void area resulting in savings in additional packing material while speeding up the packing process

  • Self-Adhesive Closure – All Glamour Bubble Mailers are equipped with a self-adhesive closure covered by a removable strip for easy and speedy packaging