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Kraft Bubble Mailer 4" x 8" #000 - Pack of 30

  • Inside dimensions: 4"x7.75"
  • Outside Dimensions: 4.25"x8.75"
  • 52# Kraft Paper with 3/16" Bubble Interior
  • Adhesive Peel-N-Seal
  • Pack of 30

Kraft Bubble Mailer Huge Sale 4" x 8" #000 - Pack of 30 for Teachers and Schools

As a teacher, you may find that there are sets of class supplies that need a little extra protection when they are put away, and Kraft bubble mailers in 4” x 8” sizing and packages of 30 are perfect for accommodating a class set of hands-on materials. Whether you are storing sets of tangrams or flashcards, you realize that it’s easy for poorly stored materials to be lost. Reclosable bubble bags, however, allow you to efficiently label materials and assure that they can be used many times. In fact, shipping supplies are often used for organizing classroom materials. 

Self-seal Kraft bubble mailers in 4” x 8” sizing are perfect for setting up manipulative based math lessons. You can count out the pattern blocks, color tiles or Cuisenaire Rods needed for your lesson, assuring that each student will receive the appropriate set of tools for the activity. You can reuse your packing supplies throughout the year as you alter the contents for various lessons. You may want more than a single class set, in which case the Kraft bubble mailer huge sale of 4” x 8” shipping mailers by Starboxes will provide you with the opportunity to obtain multiple sets of 30 at a discount. 

Padded bubble mailers are also useful for helping your students to get classroom communications and corrected work safely delivered to parents. You can establish an understanding with parents that you will be using this method for important materials, enabling them to quickly observe the presence of important information when these bubble mailers are sent home in their children’s backpacks.
More Information
SKU KBM000408030
UPC 766897400520
Brand StarBoxes
Size 4" x 8"
Color Brown
Material Kraft
#000 Kraft Bubble Envelopes Padded 4" x 8" #000 - Great pack for teachers, college students, and household mailing supply
Affordable shipping solution with secure adhesive closure and protective bubble layer inside the padded envelope
Interior space is 4x7" with finned edges and folded over the edge on the bottom for secure closure
The 52# Kraft Paper is durable and allows you to easily write, label, and stamp the envelope
Easily decorate envelope for the holidays with stamps or adhere cutouts
Weight 0.6000
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes 9 x 5.5 x 7