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5 Dunnage Bags 36 x 66 with Free Inflator

  • Load shock absorbing pack of 5 Dunnage Bags 36 x 66
  • Included Free-flo safety device with a featured walk-away deflation setting for convenice
  • Polywoven durable and recyclable air-filled bags that are AAR authenticated
  • Decrease the chance of casualties when shipping goods via truck, air, or sea
  • Labor conserving free-flo inflation/deflation appliance included in price

Dunnage Airbags

Dunnage Airbags were first utilized around 1970 and although the main concept of an inflatable void fill remains the same, the initial design of the Dunnage Air Cushions has gone through many changes. The introduction of two-way valves was one of the changes that allow for more sustainable Dunnage Bags by making them reusable. The easy and quick deflation mechanism will deflate the Dunnage Airbags to a lightweight, flatform for easy storage and future uses. The two-way valves not only save money by making the Dunnage Bags reusable they also make them more environmentally friendly.

Dunnage Airbags Usage

The primary function of the Dunnage Airbags is to reduce the movement of cargo during the transit by firmly securing them in place by the sturdy cushioning feature of these bags. The Dunnage Bags could be used to reduce the friction and contact of the cargo to the containers or other cargo. Considering the negative effects of shifting cargo in increasing the risk of damages, the Dunnage Air Cushions are the most cost-effective solution for the safe delivery of products. Studies have also shown that up to 25% of accidents involving trucks are due to failure in securing the cargo adequately to avoid movements during transit. This simply means that the use of the Dunnage Airbags will simply reduce the risk of accidents on the roads as well.

The StarBoxes’ Dunnage Air Cushions are sanctioned and certified by the  Association of American Railroads, AAR, for use to secure cargo in the railcars. The certification is to verify that the Dunnage Airbags are 100% leak-proof and conforms with requirements for shipping goods through railcars and railways. The use of Dunnage Bags is not limited to the railroad industry. The Dunnage Bags have long been considered as the most efficient and economical tool in reducing the risk of cargo damages in ISO, intermodal containers, trucks, closed railcars and sea containers on ocean transport vessels.

It is important to note that although the Dunnage Bags offered by StarBoxes are heavy-duty and rigid cushioning bags they are also susceptible to damage and deflation when contacted by pointy objects such as nails or sharp metal edges. It is important to check for sharp or pointy objects prior to loading the goods for transportation.

Environmentally Friendly Dunnage Bags

StarBoxes offers reusable and environmentally friendly Dunnage Bags. All Air Cushion Bags are equipped with a quick-fill, screw-on caps necessary for making the undamaged Dunnage Bags 100% reusable. The damaged bags which cannot be reused are also 100% recyclable to reduce the introduction of more harmful waste to the environment.

More Information
UPC 028672858743
Brand StarBoxes
Weight 5.6500
Country of Manufacture United States
Color White
Material Polywoven Material
Dunnage bags end the issue with shifting cargo damages while being a safe and economical solution
Lighweight not to add transportation costs with ease of use to save on labor expenses
Free flo gun fills air with the correct pressure and then air expels from the back of the gun
Truck dunnage bags are sturdy, waterproof, and reusable while storing flat in small spaces when not in use
Dunnage Bags are packaged in kits with the Free flo inflator gun or air bags are sold separately
Single Boxes 18 x 14 x 12