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Duct Tape 2" x 60 Yards Pack of 24 - 6 Mil

  • Professional Grade Duct Tape 2" x 60 yards 6 Mil
  • Pack of 24 silver colored duct tape
  • Duct tape is strong yet flexible and has a strong adhesive backing
  • Tape is used in many industries as a repair and preventative tool
  • Water resistance with indoor and outdoor use
100 % of 100
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All you need to know about Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the most useful tapes for indoor and outdoor applications because of its strength and durability.  You may wonder what is duct tape useful for and how does it work? This type of long-lasting tape can be easily torn and can be useful for keeping two items together, making decorations, crafts, sealing gaps, and much more. Enclosed you will find a quick guide on the properties of duct tape and how you can apply it to your daily applications in your home or warehouse.

Benefits of using Duct tape

  • Long-lasting adhesive tape - This type of sealing tape is extremely durable which makes it ideal for repairing broken items that need to be fixed for a long period of time. Duct tape is ideal for home repair since it lasts on almost any type of surface until you fix or replace that broken object.
  • Provides an excellent strength -  Duct tape provides an excellent strength which makes it ideal for sealing heavy items without tearing apart. This sealing tape is much stronger compared to other types of tapes.
  • Waterproof sealing tape - This tape is water-resistant and can be applied to leaky pipes for sealing a hole in a hose or tubes from your home and other wet surfaces.
  • Fix temporary repairs -  This sealing tape can be an excellent and economical alternative for keeping broken items together for a longer period of time because of its strong sealing properties.

Surfaces that can be a problem to duct tape

  • Hot and cold Surfaces - Duct tape won’t last long if you applied it on surfaces that are over 140˚ F and it will most likely soften and slip from the surface attached. This sealing tape also doesn’t work well with extreme freezing temperature, it’s sealing properties will diminish.
  • Corrugated cardboard and dirty surfaces: This tape doesn’t stick well to cardboard corrugated boxes and needs to be applied to dry and clean surfaces for better adhesion.
  • UV light exposure:  This sealing tape can dry out over time when you apply it on surfaces that are exposed to the sunlight
More Information
SKU DT6048
UPC 766897401312
Type Duct Tape
Size 2" x 60 yards
Color Gray
Material cloth, poly-ethylene, rubber
Brand StarBoxes
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Duct Tapes adhesive is developed from natural rubber components allowing the tape to adhere to many surfaces with ease
StarBoxes Duct Tape is manufactured with backing layer of the reinforced water-resistant material
Duct Tapes are very versatile and their UV resistant property allows for a long-lasting adherence to surfaces
StarBoxes Duct Tapes are very strong tapes and may be used with a 2" tape dispenser
The strong rubber adhesive in Duct Tapes tend to leave residue after it is peeled. Use hot water, alcohol or acetone to remove the deposits to surfaces that will not damage
Weight 27.000000
Features / Extra Information none
Product Width 2.000000
Product Length 180.000000
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