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10 x 6 x 6" Corrugated Boxes

  • 10x6x6" Long Corrugated Shipping Boxes
  • Stable and light 32 ECT single wall shipping boxes
  • Full-scale inventory which can be purchased at budget-friendly prices
  • Industrial cardboard packaging that stands up to harsher cargo handling
  • Ship flat, oblong, or odd-shaped products with the proper packing and shipping supplies
  • Buy 100 for $1.31 each and save 10%
  • Buy 250 for $1.23 each and save 15%
  • Buy 500 for $1.19 each and save 18%
  • Buy 1000 for $1.16 each and save 20%
10 x 6 x 6" Corrugated Boxes is available to buy in increments of 25

The Ecommerce Guide To Shipping Boxes

When shipping out products to consumers it's best to think of the most efficient way to do so with little to no problems. Size absolutely matters and there is a high chance that you've received an item in an oversized long box before. Prevent that by purchasing a bulk of different size wholesale shipping boxes to ensure that you save money on shipping cost, void fill, and overall on less material. Remember, putting items in a box that is too large for your product can increase damage to it so it's best to find boxes that accommodate all your different sized commodities. 

Shipping Box Sizes

If you are a business owner, it is imperative that you have an understanding of shipping box sizes and weight restrictions. This will help your employees properly package, transport, and label all their shipments to ensure that they comply with local shipping regulations.

When you think about the average size of shipping containers, it is a staggering number. A standard unit, that holds one truckload of goods, can hold approximately ten containers, or about fifty thousand pounds. That's a lot of boxes to carry around! Furthermore, if you need more than one box to transport a single shipment, then the size increases dramatically.

Shipping boxes are made in different sizes. The most common sizes for boxes are the standard shipping boxes or those that hold e-commerce goods. There are also custom-sized boxes that can hold more weight known as double wall boxes or heavy-duty boxes.

What Fits In Corrugated Box Sizes?

Shipping containers that hold two to four cubic feet of goods may be suitable for small shipments and may also be a suitable option if you are shipping larger products such as pots, pans, or linens. However, if you're shipping items that weigh more than about thirty pounds, then you need to have a container that is able to hold these loads. Most standard shipping containers can't handle this load. Consider double wall boxes.

When you are looking at shipping box sizes, it is important to consider the weight restrictions for the area you are shipping to. You should also consider the shipping container that you will be using. If your product is fragile, then you should look into shipping boxes that come with additional locking features.

Shipping container sizes are important for a variety of reasons. Not only do you need to make sure that your employees know how much the freight container is able to hold, but you also need to make sure that the items you are shipping are shipped safely and securely.

Consider Purchasing Custom Made Boxes

If you have a warehouse, you may want to purchase your own custom long shipping boxes. You can get custom-made shipping containers from a reliable supplier such as StarBoxes. We have the experience and tools necessary to create the perfect shipping container for your needs.

You can also search online in our store to find long shipping box sizes that are available in bulk volume pricing. You may also want to look around and see what items are being shipped by shipping carriers to get an idea of the various sizes of boxes that are used for all types of shipments.

Shipping container sizes can play an important role in the success of any business. Make sure that you are aware of the proper container size that you need for shipping your products and have enough of these containers for any type of item that you plan to ship.


More Information
SKU BOX100606
UPC 766897409226
Product Length 10.000000
Product Width 6.000000
Product Height 6.000000
Size 10" x 6" x 6"
Style Long
Type Corrugated Box
Features / Extra Information Professional Grade, Manufactured Single Wall Corrugated Cardboard Construction, Lightweight 32 ECT 65Lbs Weight Limits, Regular Slotted Container (RSC) With Pre-Crease Flaps, Recyclable & Eco-Friendly Corrugated Carton
Material Cardboard
Color Brown
Brand StarBoxes
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
StarBoxes carries a variety of box sizes to pack and ship many common e-commerce items
StarBoxes Long Corrugated Boxes 32ECT are the standard stamp for shipping carriers
Corrugated boxes have reliable thickness and strength to ensure that all items inside them will arrive safely to the desired destinations
Smooth surfaces of these long boxes allow packers to have easy labeling for marketable appeal
Customers will be satisfied and happy as their items arrived damage-free and in excellent condition
Weight 0.280000
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