uBoxes Made The Inc. 5000 List!

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uBoxes Made The Inc. 5000 List!
On August 12th, 2020 Inc. magazine announced its yearly catalog of America's fastest-growing private companies. With tons of corporations competing to have a spot, uBoxes has shown incredible growth, rightfully earning the recognition as an official honoree on the annual 2020 Inc 5000 list for the first time. Ranking number 4,832 and a revenue of 59%, uBoxes has shown tremendous and remarkable efforts in just three years. With purchasing habits vastly transitioning from traditional street-side businesses to the e-commerce market, competition has been intense. However, that hasn't stopped uBoxes from staying on top of consumer needs and providing quality products and the best prices compared to its competitors.  Just like their motto, uBoxes fully understands that "moving can be stressful... but packing NEVER has to be" and completely stands on just that. Another achievement is uBoxes was in the top 3 fastest growing online companies in the office supplies category back in 2019. With these accomplishes alone, uBoxes plans on surpassing these achievements and continues to provide the best and safest move for its purchasers. Special Wholesale Pricing Whether you're purchasing boxes, supplies, void-fillers, or even mailers, uBoxes' B2B Platform site, StarBoxes offers some of the best bulk pricing to end-users, e-commerce businesses, and manufacturers countrywide. They believe in having direct factory relationships and importing all its products directly from other manufacturers, ultimately selling it at much lower prices. uBoxes, LLC takes full advantage of the fierce competition that is actively forcing other businesses to operate with low-profit margins and lower its own operating cost. Doing so has ultimately reached a much broader audience of movers and businesses, that trust and continue to purchase their shipping and moving supplies in bulk with uBoxes/StarBoxes. Not to mention it's free shipping on all orders over $35.00. This ensures that their consumers are never surprised when checking out and having the best experience that'll eventually have them returning for more.   

Phenomenal Customer Service

Like any business, everyone claims to provide the best customer service to its clientele. The difference between other businesses and uBoxes, LLC is that customers can make a purchase over the phone with a trusted Packaging specialist. It's also convenient when needing general questions answered, discussing business needs, and overall finding the status of their packages. For even faster service, the company offers a live online chat or the basic email option for all your small or big inquires. Whichever contact method best fits your needs, uBoxes uphold their claims to have one of the best customer services for an e-commerce store that you will find.  

Innovation, Technology, and Marketing

Although most brick and mortar stores are beginning or have already started moving their companies online, uBoxes, LLC makes it simple for consumers to get everything they need for their move nationwide, simply with just a click of a button. No need to travel to multiple stores when uBoxes, LLC is like a one-stop-shop that ships directly to your front door. Purchase moving box kits with a multitude of boxes and supplies for up to 10 rooms; these kits come with everything from our 32 ECT durable boxes to our much-needed supplies like tape, markers, and labels. Stuff your boxes with the best void-fillers like bubble roll, packing peanuts, and air pillows to ensure your fragile items are delivered without the fear of being damaged. Stay safe and protected with face masks and hand sanitizer to defeat this COVID-19 pandemic, and even stock your office with much-needed supplies such as folders, labels, and bulletin boards at StarBoxes. This company has it all, on top of frequent promotions and discounts that are promoted consistently on their social media platforms.   CONTACT US: Hours:  Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM Live chat: uBoxes/ StarBoxes Email: [email protected] Facebook: @UBOXES/ @starboxes Twitter: @uBoxes/ @StarBoxescom Instagram: @uBoxes2004/ @star.boxes Linkedin: uBoxes/ StarBoxes.com Pinterest: uBoxes/ StarBoxes.com
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