Helpful Tips Moving Into Your New College Dorm Room

take all you need to your new college dorm room
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Helpful Tips Moving Into Your New College Dorm Room

When you are packing for college it is important for you to choose the correct dorm supplies in order to make your move comfortable and fun as possible.  You may wonder what exactly you will need in order to keep your personal items organized and secure during transportation.  Check our survival guide on packing tips along with our college dorm kit in order for you to have a successful move into your college dorm.

Top 6 Tips Moving In And Out Of The Dorm Room

  • Create your own packing list for moving - When you are moving into your dorm room it is important for you to consider packing items that you need.  Some dorm rooms, usually come furnished and include a desk, bed, mattress, and mini-fridge.  Making a list of the specific items you need, will help you prevent packing unnecessary items.
  • Pack your essential items - Before you begin packing you should consider only taking items that you really need on a daily basis.  Packing items that you don’t use or that you can purchase elsewhere can take up too much space in your moving boxes.
  • Organize your moving boxes into categories - Pack your clothes, utensils, and dishes in different boxes. This way you can know exactly what is inside each box when you start unpacking.  Make sure that you secure breakable items with bubble cushion wrap or other moving supplies.
  • Pack your electronics and school supplies - Consider packing electronic devices that you consider will help you make it through your semester like a printer, laptop, and even your coffee maker. You can use anti-static packaging material to keep your electronic devices protected from damage during transit.
  • Create an emergency kit - Packing everything you need can help you make it through for the first few days when you arrive in college since you won’t have time to unpack everything.
  • Ask someone to help you - Moving into college can be a big job, asking your friends or parents to help you pack or load your boxes can be a huge help for you.

Avoid Stress And Prepare Moving Ahead Of Time

Moving into the dorm for the first time can be overwhelming. Planning ahead of time can help you determine the most important items. Consider what you absolutely need to take to the dorm. When the year is over keep in mind you will need to pack up for the Summer. Remember to order your boxes early to avoid the hardship of locating boxes for moveout day. Finals and saying goodbye to friends for the Summer keep you busy. Your moving kit essentials can be packed flat under your bed until you are ready to move!

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