Moving Blankets

  1. The Most Common Questions About Moving Blankets

    The Most Common Questions About Moving Blankets
    Since you're moving, nows the time to decide what appropriate supplies you'll need to make your move a safe and effective one. In order to protect your furniture, wooden floors, and other fragile items the best thing to cover these valuables with would be moving blankets and StarBoxes has you covered. From our lightweight Economy, thick and durable deluxe, and recycled cotton textile blankets your options are limitless. You can now rest assured that all your items will be completely safe and free from dirt, dust, or damage while in transit thanks to these sturdy moving skins. What's stopping you from buying one now?
  2. Packing Tape, Bubble Roll, and Labels, Oh My!

    Packing Tape, Bubble Roll, and Labels, Oh My!
    I think we've all dreaded the packing up and moving process. Some of us probably have been avoiding it until the very last minute, but rest assured that we have the perfect moving supplies that will make not only moving your valuables easily but in a much more organize and efficient way. From items such as moving blankets, dunnage bags, moving labels, stretch wrap, to even heavy-duty packing tape all of these effective tools make the moving process less stressful. You can also be confident that none of your items will be scuffed, impacted, scraped, broken, and overall easy to transport and saves you the headache.

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