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  1. Shipping Boxes: Acrylic Tape Vs. Hot Melt Tape

    Shipping Boxes: Acrylic Tape Vs. Hot Melt Tape
    Find the best shipping box tape for your package and shipping needs. StarBoxes has many wholesale tapes in bulk quantities. Choose the right tape for your shipping, industrial, or warehouse needs. Consult a packaging specialist for more information on StarBoxes tape assortment and how we can help you find the right product at wholesale prices to fit your packaging budet.
  2. How To Choose The Right Shipping Boxes

    How To Choose The Right Shipping Boxes
    Choosing the right shipping boxes can save you money and prevent damages to goods. Do you need a flat boxes, tall boxes, or multi-depth boxes for shipping your goods to customers? Buying the wrong boxes can cost you extra in materials and shipping expenses. Contact one of our packaging specialists to get the right boxes for your shipping goods. Call 800-878-7703 to speak to a packaging specialist today.
  3. Packing with Bubble Rolls

    Packing with Bubble Rolls
    Choosing the right type of packaging for your shipping needs is simple with StarBoxes large shipping supply store. Choose from a vast selection of Boxes, Bubble Rolls, Packing Peanuts, Moving Supplies, Tape and more. Need help? Call one of our packaging specialists at 800-878-7703.
  4. Uses for Kraft Packaging Paper

    Uses for Kraft Packaging Paper
    Kraft Paper has many uses including packing boxes for void fills, construction, remodeling, and creative crafts. Use kraft paper to cover windows while painting or decorating a rustic table for dining. Mount Kraft Paper on the wall for a writable memo board that you may easily tear off when you want to start fresh. Great reminder for grocery lists, telephone calls, kids activities, and social events.
  5. Glamour Bubble Mailers

    Glamour Bubble Mailers
    If you are looking for brand recognition or decorative holiday packaging StarBoxes has the perfect solution with their all in one shipping glamour bubble mailers. You will find an array of colors to match your brand or holiday needs. Choose from a selection of different sized mailers and quantities to suit your needs.
  6. Organizing Your Office with Bulletin Boards and File Stack Boxes

    Organizing Your Office with Bulletin Boards and File Stack Boxes
    Organize your home office or business with designer dry erase and bulletin boards. Messy paperwork or home workspace. Tidy up and organize with StarBoxes office organizational tools. Bulletin boards come in an array of colors and stackable file boxes are sturdy for more than just filing papers. Organize craft room, dorm room or kits rooms with easily stackable file organizing boxes.
  7. Decorative Bulletin Boards

    Decorative Bulletin Boards
    Whether you are setting up a student desk in a dorm room or organizing office projects StarBoxes decorative Bulletin Boards will spice up your décor and organize your workspace at the same time. Why use any old bulletin board when today's cork boards can fit into any decorating theme. The memo boards come in a variety of colors including blue...

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