Kraft Paper Roll

  1. Kraft Paper and 7 Creative Ways to Use It

    Kraft Paper and 7 Creative Ways to Use It
    Kraft Paper has many industrial and home uses. Companies using kraft paper include restaurants, construction, renovation, florists, and aviation. The brown wrapping paper prevents damages in walk paths, walls, and windows while painting, moving, sanding, or patching. Kids can hours of fun in creating artwork, playing games, or creating holiday decorating. Kraft paper can be hung on the wall or mounted on a desktop for ease of tearing or displaying menus, grocery lists, or organizing a family activity command center.
  2. Uses for Kraft Packaging Paper

    Uses for Kraft Packaging Paper
    Kraft Paper has many uses including packing boxes for void fills, construction, remodeling, and creative crafts. Use kraft paper to cover windows while painting or decorating a rustic table for dining. Mount Kraft Paper on the wall for a writable memo board that you may easily tear off when you want to start fresh. Great reminder for grocery lists, telephone calls, kids activities, and social events.

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