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Mega Shipping Supply Store

  1. Take Your Online Business To The GREEN Level

    Take Your Online Business To The GREEN Level
    Are you a vegan or an eco-conscious business owner? Here at StarBoxes, we offer a plethora of recyclable and recycled shipping products that will ultimately take your business to the next level or what we like to call "the GREEN level." We have plenty of items that will ensure a safer, cheaper, and more eco-friendly shipping method with no worry about how your consumers discard the remainings after it's been open.
  2. Grow Your E-Commerce Business With StarBoxes

    Grow Your E-Commerce Business With StarBoxes
    Increasing your online sales is the ultimate goal that every e-business strives to achieve. Whether you're a small retail business or an e-commerce giant like eBay or Amazon, StarBoxes is here to help you grow your business with a few helpful tips. Everything from creating Google Ads, picking the appropriate social platforms, and using distinguishable shipping supplies, we are here to help flourish your business.
  3. The Most Common Questions About Moving Blankets

    The Most Common Questions About Moving Blankets
    Since you're moving, nows the time to decide what appropriate supplies you'll need to make your move a safe and effective one. In order to protect your furniture, wooden floors, and other fragile items the best thing to cover these valuables with would be moving blankets and StarBoxes has you covered. From our lightweight Economy, thick and durable deluxe, and recycled cotton textile blankets your options are limitless. You can now rest assured that all your items will be completely safe and free from dirt, dust, or damage while in transit thanks to these sturdy moving skins. What's stopping you from buying one now?
  4. Packing Peanuts: Expectations vs Reality

    Packing Peanuts: Expectations vs Reality
    Discover and explore the advantages and disadvantages of various packing peanuts here at StarBoxes! This alone will help you decide which packing material is more convenient for your move. From industrial, anti-static, and biodegradable you have the option of going static free for your valuable electronics or going green with a much more environmentally healthier option. Packing peanuts are one of the MOST popular shipping products due to it being lightweight, low in shipping cost, and fills access space in your boxes.
  5. Packing Tape, Bubble Roll, and Labels, Oh My!

    Packing Tape, Bubble Roll, and Labels, Oh My!
    I think we've all dreaded the packing up and moving process. Some of us probably have been avoiding it until the very last minute, but rest assured that we have the perfect moving supplies that will make not only moving your valuables easily but in a much more organize and efficient way. From items such as moving blankets, dunnage bags, moving labels, stretch wrap, to even heavy-duty packing tape all of these effective tools make the moving process less stressful. You can also be confident that none of your items will be scuffed, impacted, scraped, broken, and overall easy to transport and saves you the headache.
  6. Kraft Paper and 7 Creative Ways to Use It

    Kraft Paper and 7 Creative Ways to Use It
    Kraft Paper has many industrial and home uses. Companies using kraft paper include restaurants, construction, renovation, florists, and aviation. The brown wrapping paper prevents damages in walk paths, walls, and windows while painting, moving, sanding, or patching. Kids can hours of fun in creating artwork, playing games, or creating holiday decorating. Kraft paper can be hung on the wall or mounted on a desktop for ease of tearing or displaying menus, grocery lists, or organizing a family activity command center.
  7. Tips to Reduce Shipping Supply Costs

    Tips to Reduce Shipping Supply Costs
    Now is the time to buy discounted StarBoxes shipping supplies with a 10% savings using VDAY10 until February 28, 2020. The more you buy the more you save with our already low volume discount shipping supply store. Discover packing and shipping tips to save money on shipping costs.
  8. Not All Dunnage Bags Are The Same

    Not All Dunnage Bags Are The Same
    StarBoxes AAR Certified dunnage bags are one of the most cost efficient air filled bags on the market. Considering the inflatable dunnage bags may be purchased at volume discounted pricing and are reusable while being eco-friendly makes them economical. The polywoven dunnage bags reduce labor costs, cargo damages, improve customer retention while reducing insurance claims. The polywoven dunnage bags may be used on railway cars, ocean freight, and trucks. The bags are inflated with a free flow gun to just the right pressure and have a walk away deflation system.
  9. CBD Packaging for Shipments and Storage

    CBD Packaging for Shipments and Storage
    CBD products have a wide variety of packaging options depending on whether it is an oil, cream, food source, or other type product. StarBoxes has developed a complete line to support CBD companies looking to ship product at the most economical prices. Whether a manufacturer is looking for storage or shipping options StarBoxes has the right supplies in lightweight options to keep the shipping costs down while protecting the products for shipment.
  10. The Differences in Packing Tapes

    The Differences in Packing Tapes
    SAVE 10% - TAPE10 exp 12/02/19 Starboxes carries a wide selection of Packing Tapes and Carton Sealing Tapes with a good selection of quality products at the most competitive prices. Having the knowledge of using the right Packing tape for the right job is proven to be as important as the quality of the tapes. Save on bulk tape purchases today!

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