Anti Static Packing Peanuts Pink - 7 cuft.

  • Anti Static Packing Peanuts
  • 7 Cubic Feet (Uncompressed) packing peanuts with terrific blocking and bracing qualities and great compressive strength
  • Lightweight fills void & reusable that is antistatic to deliver increased protection with its resilience
  • Great for packing and shipping fragile goods as its a reliably packing material filling the open gaps around your item
  • Packing peanuts ship in 2 compressed bags/boxes that's able to protect electronic's from static discharge, limiting the chances of damage
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3 Things Everyone Knows About ANTI STATIC PACKING PEANUTS That You Don't

Anti-static packing peanuts are a great shipping alternative for you to keep items cushion and safe. These packing peanuts are specifically designed to keep products protected from static discharges. This makes it perfect for your business to facilitate your packaging process. The best part about anti-static packing peanuts is that you won’t need to worry about wrapping your product with a bubble roll. In other words, all you need to do is fill in your shipping boxes. Find here 3 of the greatest benefits that these anti-static packing peanuts can offer to your business.

Practical to use

One of the reasons why you will love these packing peanuts is because they are practical and fun to use. Many e-commerce businesses decide to use these packaging choices because they have become the most popular way to pack and protect products from damage. Give your product that extra cushion that they require to eliminate product damage during transportation or storage. With these packing peanuts, you can quickly pack your packages since they don’t require special equipment.

Available in bulk at wholesale prices

StarBoxes anti-static packing peanuts are sold in bulk at wholesale prices. This means that not only will you save up money on product damage but you will also reduce the cost of packaging materials. These packing peanuts have become an economical packaging solution that keeps items protected against impacts. Purchasing packing peanuts in bulk will not only help you save money but will also facilitate your shipping process.

Keeps products protected at all time

With these packing peanuts, you can keep items protected from external impacts since it helps keep items compressed. Securing your products with these packaging materials can prevent products from shifting around. They can adapt to your packaging needs since they can be used for packing, storing, and shipping out products. With these packaging materials, you can keep your products protected at all times in your warehouse.

SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About ANTI STATIC PACKING PEANUTS

Now that you know more about anti-static packing peanuts and their multiple benefits you can feel free to pack with confidence. This makes it fun and economical way for you to prevent damage to your products at all times. Packing your products with anti-static packing peanuts can be a great way to protect your electronics from static discharge.

More Information
UPC 810042159709
Weight 1.800000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Pink
Material Polystyrene
Features / Extra Information Protect electronics, anti static void fill, Economical, Protect irregular shapes, Easy to use, reusable, Lightweight, Damage reduction shipping
Country of Manufacture United States
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