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100 Pounds of Packing Paper

  • Professional Newsprint Paper for packing boxes
  • Approximately measurements vary between 24-28 inches wide x 30-36" long each sheet
  • Bundle of 100 lbs for professional movers or for shipping e-commerce products
  • Approximately 2000 sheets per package for packing paper bulk purchase
  • Protect your glassware, ceramic, and chinaware with proper packing materials
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Advantages of Paper Packaging Material

Paper packaging has become the first choice for many shipping companies to pack and keep their products protected. Using this type of packaging material can provide you with multiple benefits. The material is cost-saving and can also become an excellent option for you to replace plastic packaging materials that can’t be easily recycled.  Not only can paper packaging be easily recycled, but paper packaging is more economical than plastic materials.  You can use it for multiple applications at your business or office like packing or shipping out fragile products.  If you are looking for an eco-friendly option for your business, then you have come to the correct spot.

Packaging Paper Is Lighter Than Other Packing Materials

One of the advantages of using paper packaging is that is lighter compared to other packaging material like cardboard or corrugated sheets. It can be used for packing and wrapping fragile products and help prevent scratches or cracks during movement.  This can be an excellent option for you to transport your products fresh and in perfect conditions. Use paper sheets to personalize your packages since they can be stamp printed with your companies information or images.  Starboxes packaging material can be an excellent option for you to make your packages more attractive and environmentally friendly. 

Our packaging material can easily be stored in your warehouse or workstation for you to use whenever you need to wrap products. Paper packaging is easier to squish compared to regular bubble wrap and can be used to fill empty spaces in the boxes.  This can be an excellent option for you to keep your products from moving around during transportation. You can use paper packaging instead of packing peanuts since it won’t cause a mess once your customers opened up their packages.

How Can You Use Paper Packaging

Paper packaging can be used in two main ways. The first one is by simply wrapping different types of products with it. The other way that you can use it is to crumple up the paper to fill empty spaces in your shipping boxes.  If you are planning on shipping out fragile boxes then you should always consider adding an extra layer of packing paper.

More Information
UPC 766897401343
Weight 100.000000
Brand uBoxes
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Size 24" x 30"
Material Wood Pulp
Features / Extra Information Recyclable and bio-degradable, Economical for packing, Lightweight, Reusable, Cushions and fills empty spaces
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 24.000000
Product Width 30.000000
Bundle of 100#’s newsprint paper. Made of wood pulp that is mainly used for packing objects and also as an advertising material.
Perfect for art classes to protect tables from paint and stains, drawing practices, making sketches and drafting project plans.
StarBoxes environmentally friendly packaging material that is perfect for rubber stamping publications, decorating parties, storing glassware and decorations.
Use newsprint for making art projects with your kids during vacations like collages, drawings, gift cards, mixed media, starter plants, and other eco friendly projects.
Useful to layout art work pictures on the wall or to cover areas that should not be painted.
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